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Michelle Campbell is a freelance painter, based at The Briggait Studios in Glasgow.

Michelle produces a variety of vibrant contemporary paintings to exhibit in galleries, bars, restaurants and other public places, as well as taking on commissions.

Please get in touch via email if you have any queries regarding existing paintings or commissions.




Michelle was born in Ayrshire and moved to Glasgow in her early 20s. She graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2006 and now works from her studio at the Briggait. She is currently represented by Art Pistol Gallery in Hillhead.


Michelle uses painting as a language to convey how her neurodivergent mind processes the environment around her, predominantly through colour and geometric forms. 


Through painting, Michelle also recycles her memories, dreams and emotions as events within themselves. She uses varying subject matter to produce something tangible from her feelings and recollections, in turn creating a new sensory experience.


By breaking the image down and then restructuring it bit by bit, she gives each small part equal status, removing the idea of a main focal point, much like how she experiences her immediate surroundings. 


Her process includes working in many layers, through which Michelle develops a two-way emotional dialogue with the painting itself, blurring the lines between abstract and representation.




The Low Gallery, The Briggait, Glasgow - October

‘The Sea, The Sea! Tides and Transformations’ group exhibition in collaboration with The Orkney Japan Association - Ship of Fools Gallery, Kirkwall, Orkney - September 


Group exhibition - Scotia Gallery, Glasgow


'East vs West' Solo exhibition - Art Pistol Gallery -8th - 30th Sept

'Glasgow International Comedy Festival' - Group Art Show - Art Pistol Gallery



Christmas Group Show - Art Pistol Gallery

'Synesthesia' - Joint Exhibition with Andy Hurst - The 13th Note

'Storage' -Solo Exhibition - Art Pistol Gallery



Group Exhibition - Art Pistol



'Hues' - Solo Exhibition - The 13th Note

'Quintessence' (Art Fusion) - Group Exhibition - Offshore Coffee Shop

Group Exhibition - The Gallery (Art Exposure)

'The Steamie' - Group Exhibition - Govanhill Baths

'Fast Forward' -Group Exhibition - Six Foot Gallery



'Kaleidoscope' - Group Exhibition - Cocktail & Burger

'Art Supper' (Art Fusion) - Group Exhibition - Offshore Coffee Shop

'Art on the Hill' - Group Exhibition - Church on the Hill

Group Exhibition - Art Village

Group Exhibition - Bar 10



Christmas Group Show - Art Pistol

'Merge' - Group Exhibition - Skypark

'Rock Paper Video' - Group Exhibition - DNA

'Braw' - Group Exhibition - Offshore Coffee Shop

'Art Marries Music' - Group Exhibition - Bar 10



Art Fusion - Group Show - Offshore Coffee Shop

Group Exhibition - Skypark

Group Exhibition - Art Pistol

Group Exhibition - Art Village 



Solo Exhibition - The 13th Note

'Geometric Glasgow' (Art Fusion) - Group Show - Offshore Coffee Shop



James Walter Gallery 2009-2010

Bar 10 Solo Exhibition 2008

Art in the City Gallery 2007-2009

Edinburgh Art Fair 2007 and 2008

Art Exposure Gallery 2006

GSA Degree Show 2006

Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh 2005

Horses Not Included, Motherwell Heritage Centre 2005

Kelvingrove Museum - 2003

"Color possesses me. I don't have to pursue it. It will possess me always, I know it. That is the meaning of this happy hour: Color and I are one. I am a painter.” 

Paul Klee

Some of Michelle's original paintings and prints can be found at Art Pistol Gallery on Cresswell Lane, Glasgow. 


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