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Bespoke Commissions

If you have a special loved one in mind who you'd like to have recreated as a vibrant and unique oil painting then I'd be happy to do so! No two people are the same, and I love to capture their unique energy and personality through the medium of oil paint. 


What style of portrait?

Most portraits are painted in a traditional head and shoulders pose. However, you may wish to have a zoomed-in, cropped portrait of the face, or a full-body, more figurative piece.

You can also decide if you would like the background to be included, or a single flat colour instead. If you're not sure we can discuss what might work best.  

Clementine-portrait-child portrait-girl-oil painting-contemporary portrait-modern art

Size & Budget

I can paint on a variety of board sizes, starting from 30x30cm.

I tend to price commissions based on their scale and number of figures.

Here is a rough guide for pricing, using square canvas dimensions, although rectangle and panoramic are also an option.

Please note that these prices are estimates for a single-head portrait. There is an additional charge for multiple-person portraits, as well as framing (optional) and any travel outside of Glasgow. 

30 x 30cm  -  £400

40 x 40cm - £550

50 x 50cm - £700

60 x 60cm - £850

70 x 70cm - £1000

80 x 80cm - £1150

90 x 90cm - £1300

100 x 100xm - £1450 

Clementine-portrait-child portrait-girl-oil painting-contemporary portrait-modern art


Due to the painting techniques that I often use, I generally work from photos for portraits,  and most clients find this more convenient. The final result is dependent on good quality photographs being supplied so please read the information on what makes a good image and some do's and don'ts regarding lighting and pose.

Photography guidelines

  • Photographs need to be clear and taken in good light.

  • Natural light is advised as indoor lighting can affect colours. There should also be a healthy balance between light and shadow as too much or too little exposure may hinder the quality of the portrait. 

  • Most people use phone cameras which are acceptable as long as the photographs are good quality, clear and high resolution. 

  • Although a more formal or posed shot is totally fine, it can often be the more natural and candid shots that get the best results. 

  • I usually work from one main photograph but having additional pictures also helps me to understand the subject in more detail so sending several is preferable. If you are wanting a double portrait please supply an image that includes both subjects together. Although I can amalgamate two different photos into a single painting the results are never as good.



To start the process of a commission, simply get in touch via email or by using the contact form and we can have an informal chat and take it from there. 

Once we have decided on a size, image and style that you are happy with, I will provide a no-obligation quote. If you are happy to go ahead with the commission, I will ask for a 25% deposit, and the rest can be paid upon completion of the portrait. I will send you regular photo updates of its progress, and let you know of the timeline to completion. 

If you would like to have your painting framed I can also assist with this. Your painting can be collected from my studio in the center of Glasgow, or I can deliver it to you.  


How It Works

Here are some examples of portrait styles that I am happy to create, including black and white, and more quirky geometric styles. 

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