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April 2021

I was asked by Art Pistol Projects to do a mural for Mika and Me - a new Japanese themed eyewear store opening in the West End of Glasgow. 

With the wall measuring at roughly 13ft x 7.5ft this was my biggest painting challenge yet! And only my second mural! 

I'll admit I was slightly nervous beforehand, not quite sure that I could pull it off and within the short timeframe. 

Once I got started though I found my flow and I very much got into the zone! 

I really enjoyed this project and was almost sad that it had to end as I was getting used to my daily routine of painting colourful triangles all day long!

I'm please with how it turned out and I'm so glad (and relieved!) that the guys at Mika and Me are happy with it too. 

It's been a great challenge and a huge confidence boost!


April 2023

I was asked by Art Pistol Projects to do a mural for a new Virgin Hotel on Clyde Street in Glasgow. 

I was selected along with a small group of talented local artists to paint a portrait in our own unique styles and have them all appear to interact with each other. 

Mine is the geometric lady (no surprise there!) on the left. 

This was a challenging mural to do as the place was still very much a building site when I started working on the wall, so there was a lot going on in the background! 

I'm very happy with how it worked out though, and it works well with the other colourful pieces! 



November 2020 - April 2021

2020 was an extra challenging year for most of us on many levels. The constant ups and downs and uncertainty effected my studio practice. I struggled to find motivation at times and I felt uninspired. 

Towards the end of the year I suddenly took the notion to try my hand at portraiture again after feeling inspired by some lovely photos of my friend's wee boy. I was struck by his innocence, his sense of curiosity and wonder in a world that can often seem to lose its sparkle among us adults. 

I wanted to capture this spirit of innocence in a series of portraits of children, creating a much needed contrast to the relentless bad news, negativity and hostility we are bombarded with daily on the news, social media and elsewhere. And while still in the process of painting these portraits, they serve as a wonderful reminder to myself to keep a hold of my own sense of wonder and playfulness, and to focus on great possibilities, even in the face of adversity.


JULY 2020

I was asked by Art Pistol Projects to paint a mural as part of the new Glasgow faces project outside the Clutha Bar. This was my first time working on a mural and it was a welcomed challenge and much needed respite from all the doom and gloom of 2020! I'm naturally quite shy so the thought of working outside in public felt daunting at first. But I soon got over my nerves and began to really enjoy the whole experience, despite the ever-changing weather! I received encouraging feedback from many passers-by and it was a real confidence boost.